Governance and Nominating Committee

Selected annually by the immediate Past-President (Chair) and the President-Elect, the Governance and Nominating Committee works to review MACAC's bylaws (annually and as necessary) and recommend bylaw changes to the membership at the annual Membership meeting. In addition, this committee is responsible for annually soliciting candidates for open MACAC Board positions, reviewing potential candidates, creating a single slate ballot and conducting the annual election.

Each year, the MACAC Governance and Nominating Committee members seeks nominations for the annual election of MACAC leadership positions. MACAC members are encouraged to consider self-nomination. Nominees will be asked to provide information about their professional background and involvement in MACAC, NACAC or other affiliate(s) for consideration by the committee. The Governance and Nominating Committee will review the nominations and candidate information and submit a single slate of candidates for election at the Annual Membership meeting during the spring conference in May. Members of the Governance and Nominating Committee are also available to respond to questions.

Executive Board Application Form

Applications and supporting materials are due to Brian Jones by the close of business on March 21st, 2024.


All questions about positions and process can be directed to Brian Jones, MACAC Past-President and Chair of Governance & Nominating Committee at


Kerri Carlson, St. Catherine University

Ann Kjorstad, Academy of Holy Angels

Chris Franken, Eastview High School
Norma Gutierrez, Saint Thomas Academy
Joe Herrera, University of St. Thomas
Sarah Hogan, Providence Academy; ex-officio; chair
Kris Roach, University of St. Thomas
Chad Terry, Rosemount High School
Phil Trout, Minnetonka High School
Mike Vandenberg, Concordia College 
Brian Jones, Minnesota State University - Mankato
Garth Robertson, independent counselor

The Governance and Nominating Committee Chair shall:
  • Review governing documents, related policies and recommend amendments
  • Make recommendations to the Executive Board for membership criteria and investigate membership eligibility questions
  • Bring MACAC's governing documents into compliance with NACAC within two years of any changes
  • Nominate a single slate of candidates for each Executive Board Office

MACAC Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

President-Elect: This is a three-year commitment as the elected candidate cycles through the positions of President-Elect, President, and Past-President. Every attempt is made to alternate the organizational background from which this position comes each year; this year candidates from secondary institutions and community-based organizations (CBO) will be given preference but all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.

Treasurer-Elect: This is a three-year commitment as the elected candidate cycles through the positions of Treasurer-Elect, Treasurer, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The Treasurer-Elect, the Treasurer, and CFO are members of the MACAC Board and the Executive Committee, with the CFO serving as Chair of the Finance Committee.

Board Members-At-Large: This is a three-year commitment. The Board Members-At-Large represent Minnesota at the NACAC National Assembly (during the NACAC Conference) and serve on the MACAC board through a variety of roles on standing committees. 

Secretary (Not up for election this year): This is a three-year commitment. The Secretary is responsible for the records of the association, distribution of the minutes to all MACAC Board members, gathering of year-end reports from committee chairs and elected officials and serve as the Executive Board Liaison to a MACAC standing committee.

Candidates for all positions above must be MACAC members and nominations from all MACAC membership categories are welcome. President-Elect and Board Members-At-Large must also be (or agree to become) NACAC members.

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